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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> greta: rush limbaugh says he knew what threw the lights out at the super bowl. hear what rush has to say. >> i thought maybe marka
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mccallum is down there for greta van sustreren. even fox is live or taped they blew us out for 45 minutes. martha mccal yum did one day, then, greta was next. >> greta: rush is right. we did knock rush off the air but plead not guilty to knocking lights off at the super bowl. thank you for being with us tonight celebrating 11 years on the air at "on the record". good night from washington, d.c.. the time we have. stay tuned for "special report." >> good evening. i am john robert for bret baier this evening. this is a fox news alert. hostage standoff involving a 5-year-old boy has ended in alaba alabama. the child is safe. the man who apparently kidnapped him is dead. get the latest from jonathan serrie live in midland, alabama. we know law enforcement stormed this bunker that he had been keeping this 5-year-old in for a number of days.
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was he shot dead by police? did he take his own life? >> that is a great question, john, we don't know. law enforcement authorities gave us a play by play but did not take any question as to what happened. they only informed us that the suspect 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. they had been trying to negotiate through out this ordeal which was about to go into a 7th day through out the ordeal. it sounded like negotiations were peaceful. mr. dykes allowing them to supply comfort supplies to the little boy. supplies such as medication, snacks, such as cheez-its and toys such as a red hot wheels car he requested yesterday. but today although they did not elabora elaborate, authorities say the negotiations started to go south and that is when they decided to storm the bunker. listen to what they said at a
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news conference moments ago. >> at approximately 3:12 this afternoon fbi agents safely recovered the child who has been held hostage for nearly a week. within the past 24-hours negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point fbi agents fearing the child was in eminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. the subject is deceased. >> the standoff began tuesday afternoon, nearly 7 days ago in the late afternoon. a gunman boarded the school bus in this neighborhood. law enforcement authorities say jimmy lee dykes the suspect was
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demanding hostages. the driver on that bus tried to resist him standing between the gunman and the students, and that is when he was shot. the driver was fatally wounded and the driver took one of the hostages that 5-year-old boy to an under ground bunker in in his backyard. the bunker by all accounts was well stocked for food. this man was ready for the long hall. we don't know an exact motive but residents say jimmy lee dykes harbored strong anti government views and seemed paranoid would sometimes brandish a weapon if people got too close to his property. one neighbor said he went so far to beat to death her dog with a led pipe when that dog ventured on to the property. jimmy lee dykes was a ticking time bomb and they are not surprised that he resorted to violence. now law enforcement authorities reporting that jimmy lee dykes
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is dead the man accused of holding the boy hostage for nearly 7 days the boy is okay. he is at a hospital being checked out. >> you were reporting there was a loud explosion before the operation took place. was that them gaining entry to the under ground bunker? was it a flash grenade to try to stun jimmy dykes as they tried to set out the -- >> law enforcement haven't confirmed it but it is entirely possible. people across the street heard a loud bang. at the time we couldn't tell if it was an explosion, gun fire or a truck door shutting, but it happened at the time that all of this was unfolding. most likely related to these events of them breaching the compound and getting them into the bunker and rescuing this
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little boy. >> jonathan serrie in alabama. we will get back to you if there are more details. the fbi is promising that in the next few hours. >> tax hike to high income earners. he may be going to the well again. the president insists he needs more money to reduce the deficit and will likely focus on a familiar target. white house correspondent wendell goaler tells us how that is going over. >> as the president headed to minnesota to talk about gun violence, republicans on capitol hill tried to keep the nation's attention on fiscal matters. >> we are having trouble in large part because spending is a problem. it is what is chasing jobs overseas and causing much anxiety about our future. >> sunday in a presuper bowl interview with cbs's scott kelly mr. obama said this year's tax changes shouldn't be the last. >> there is no doubt we need additional revenue coupled with
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smart spending reductions in order to bring down the deficit. he is not talking raising rates but closing loopholes especially those making money from investment pay a lower tax rate than income salaried or hourly wage earn ers. >> the average person doesn't have access to cayman island reports. they don't have access to interest income where they pay a much lower rate on billions of dollars they have earned. >> mr. obama says the only way to continue investing in education research and development and still reverse the deficit is with a combination of spending cuts and additional revenues. republicans said the government got additional revenue with last year's tax agreement which raised tax rates on families making more than 450,000 a year and limited or phased out deductions for income over 300,000. in a statement john boehner said any tax loopholes we close should be used to lower rates
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for all taxpayers so we can be more xret ticompetitive and cree jobs. he reminded the whitous is missing the monday deadline for submitting a budget. >> it is going to be late. some say it could be as long as a month late. i think that's too bad. our economy could use some presidential leadership right now. >> house republicans want to force the president to submit a budget that would balance in 10 years. >> they hope to pass it in march unless they come up with a deficit reduction agreement before that. it would hurt readiness maintenance and training and make it difficult for the u.s. to respond to global crises. >> it would bite hard no question. wendell, thanks. >> it's not the kind of news wall street was looking for today. stocks had the worst day of the year. the dow dropped 130 points s&p
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lost 17 the nasdaq lost 40. president obama turned up the volume on the gun control members today in minnesota where hunting and gun ownership is big business. in an attempt components like the nra the president took his message directly to the people. mike emanuel has the story. >> president obama went to minneapolis for what he hopes to be common sense proposals. he choose minneapolis to spotlight the steps he has taken. >> this city launched a series of youth initiatives that reduced the number of young people injured by guns by 40 percent. >> flanked by police officers in uniform mr. obama asked the american people to press congress to take action. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. the vast majority of americans, including a majority of gun
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owners sport requiupport requir background checks for any one buying a gun. >> it will run into a registry of law abiding people. >> it is a fraud to call universal. it is never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. >> the super bowl ad for mayors against illegal guns funded in part by michael bloomberg goes after the nra for being for universal background checks before they were goiagainst the. >> i finally become convinced after fight to go get the mental records computerized for 20-years and watching the mental health lobby, the hippa laws and the ama oppose it. i don't think it's going to happen. >> a big question has been how far senate majority leader harry reid would be willing to go. read said he will move a bill in the senate but has a pro gun right voting records.
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>> i didn't vote for the assault weapons last time because it didn't make sense. i will take a look at it. we need to look at federal traffic. every one acknowledges that they do background check. >> today press secretary jay carney says mr. obama enjoyed competing with friends at camp david. >> a bipartisan group of house lawmakers are introducing a bill making firearms trafficking a federal crime it would impose straw purchasers who buy guns for convicted felons and others not allowed to buy them themselves. not sure how far they will go with the president's proposal. >> talk more about this. mike emanuel thank you. >> the president said he is for women in combat and gays in the boy scouts. mr. obama says women are already serving in combat as a practical
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matter and feels gays and lesbians should have the same access to opportunities like scouting that everyone else has. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta over the weekend said iran has not yet made a decision to develop a nuclear weapon. former official with the nuclear watchdog agency says iran masy soon be able to produce the material to make a nuclear bomb every two months if they wanted to. >> guess what iran's spacey president wants to do next? the answer national correspondent's grapevine. straight ahead fight ago new straight ahead fight ago new kind of wwwwww
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ohw owe>> a 21st century threat has officials worried tonight. they are pointing the finger of blame squarely at one company in particular. katherine herridge tells us who that is. >> fox news learned the administration is renewing the illegal framework that would have allowed obama as commander-in-chief to major an order strike if a threat was there. >> what are the boundaries and parameters by which we can
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introduce cyber operations. >> chinese hackers compromised the computers stealing employee's pass words. but wall street journal reported similar incidents. on friday twitter says a quarter of a million accounts may have been compromised. last month's attack on the department of energy only recently came to light when employees were notified hackers hacked serve he is. the apparent ease in which nations appear to be infiltrating heavily secured sites and u.s. military and intelligence community on notice. >> this is a whole new arena a new frontier where people are able to move with stealth, agility and invisibly. i think that is what forces you to be on your toes and apprehensive and to really redouble your efforts to protect yourself. >> fox news is told a national estimate has authoritative
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documents commissioned to focus on cyber security with an analysis of china and others perceived after such as iran and north korea. the state department says the very real threat to economic and national security is consistently being raised with beijing. >> we have been clear with the government of china that we need to continue to talk about this. this is unfortunately a substantial and growing concern. >> after white house spokesman jay carney said he would not testify on documents later this week white house advisor john brenneman nayses his confirmation hearing as fbi director. >> looking forward to your coverage on that. catherine herridge. thanks. the nation's top diplomat hits the ground running. immigration reform, does it really have a chance this time? we will get answers from karl rove and joe troop.
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>> a politically polarized washington is making noise about a bipartisan effort to fix the nation's immigration system. we are going to talk about that tonight with political analyst karl rove and joe troupe. immigration ended on the skap heap back in 2007. what that i cans it this time around any different? can this actually get done? >> i think it can get done this time. there are a lot of pitfalls but there are a bunch of differences, too. democrats believe the nation is ready for this. polls are showing 77 percent of americans want some kind of immigration reform big immigration reform package out there. the other thing that is different we have someone like marco rubio who has the ability hopefully to pull both traditional republicans as well as tea party republicans together on this issue. >> karl does rubio from the
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power to unite the repub dlican party? it is fractured and put an issue like immigration with pitfalls it may be tough to pull it together. >> it does. it will be. if there's someone that can do it it's marco rubio. he's the best communicator since ronald reagan. i have been surprised the respectful hearing he's had among many voices who in 2007 were strongly opposed to immigration reform. i think it's a sign of the persuasion that he brings to this cause and also i think there is a growing recognition by republicans that want to get this issue behind them so they can begin to make inroads among latinos on the issue of jobs opportunity and values. this is a conservative and entrepreneurially minded part of our electorate and republicans are believing to think we can solve this issue in conformity with our principals we can make gains with latino voters. >> when we look at the proposal
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of the gang of 8 and the president's proposal on the purpo surface they seem similar. what do you think in the details could bog the process down? >> a lot could. this is a very complex issue having been involved in the previous effort and immigration reform. there are so many things that impact other things. it is very complicated. if you look at it there's four big areas of potential disagreement here. the gang of 8 said we democrats republicans believe there ought to be operational control of the border, border security first before these other provisions ca kick in and there ought to be verifiable metrics about what constitutes operational control. the president did not have a similar emphasis. the question is are we going to have border security first. second the gang of 8 democrat and republican said we are in favor of robust worker programs. president obama's remarks in las vegas did not mention the guest worker program at all. in 2007 he voted for the union backed amendments to get the
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guest worker program that helped contribute to immigration reform. the third issue, and this is a big one, the speed and difficulty of a path to agreed and eventually citizenship for any of the undocumented aliens who want to go down that path. the gang of 8 interestingly enough democrat and republican said we want solar more difficult. the president's body language not a specific proposal because he hasn't offered one but the body language sounds like faster and easier. here's the one that is not being paid much attention to right now but there's an underlying battle between if you will roughly business community especially high-tech and other groups, particularly the catholic church over how much immigration should be based upon skill and merit with the business community saying look, if you graduate from american university with science or technology or engineering or math degree we ought to fast track you for a green card, and other groups who favor family reunification.
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today over 80 percent of the people who get a green card are given a green card on the basis of family reunification and just over 10 percent get a green card based on skill and merit. >> you think it concerns that karl raised and they want it to apply to bisexual gay and transgender individuals. >> i agree with the four karl outlined. you are right the president wants protection for gay, lesbian lgbt couples and that could de rail the whole thing for many republicans. so that is a 5th one. but here's the thing that i think is working. both parties i think have reasons -- i mean, to look back at the failures, the guessworker program that derailed it. people like tom harkin senator
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who voted against it last time with obama because of guessworker. the whole thing went out the window. each side has to figure out how to compromise. it's the failures of the past that may push this forward to a win this time and get some reform done. >> how do you think this is going to play into 2016. marco rubio is someone who is talked about as being a candidate for president on the republican side. he has publicly said he believes the future of the republican party lies in immigration reform. if you look at the changing demographics do republicans have any other choice but to go for some sort of immigration reform if they want to have any kind of hope if 2016 if not 2014. >> republicans are going to be best off voting for the right bill. if you take for example attitudes in latino community in border security this idea of border security first has a great deal of resonance in the latino community.
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particularly here in the state of texas where the latino communities along the border know how important it is to get the border secured. it will benefit both parties president obama will get the achievement he fail to do deliver on in the first term republicans will be able to get the bill. a bad bill will divide the country and will not get the job done. >> joe, 10 percent of voters in the 2012 election in november were hispanic. the republican party wants to make inroads among hispanics. president bush did well with hispanic voters. president obama won overwhelmingly in november. if democrats can own the immigration reform issue, does that bowed well with hispanic voters for the next decade? >> i think rubio was right when he said the immigration reform and where the republicans come down on it and how they play it could be the entire future of the party right now. obama can basically push hard.
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dem crass can pu-- democrats ca hard. that's what many on the left want them to do. i think the republicans give obama cover. anything he fails to get is because of the republicans who are in transit on the right. there are so many republicans who don't want any kind of path to citizenship. i do believe this is important. rubio is a very important player. can he pull the party together? i think if he can we are going to get there. >> always great to get your perspective on these issues. joe trippi, karl rove, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> we are for the gone with mr. roe. democrats are going after each other. the grapevine next. yche>> fresh
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pickings from the political grapevine. they are lashing out at republicans for taking them unelectable. the super pack will support primary opposition to candidates it did believe had little chance of winning the election. like todd akin who lost his bid after comments about what he called legitimate rape. matt hoskins of the conservative fund calls the plan a comical attempt to silence. rather than working the grass-roots and working with their principles the establishment chosen to declare war on the party's most loyal supporters. cnn's pierce morgan is being flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. he tweeted after the super bowl quote got to laugh at the ravens being declared of world champions only american teams enter. isn't that correct, isn't that correct >> any time england's team wants to come and play they are welcome to challenge. something tells me they might
11:36 pm
just concede. you should start the first british nfl team and change that. be nice to see you doing something besides complain. the last one you wonder why the country you live in wants to see you deported. it is in reference to a petition asking the president to deport morgan. number of teenaged girls who new york city who received the morning after pill in school is almost 24 times higher than originally reported. the new york post writes almost 13,000 plan b was handed out by school nurses in the last school year in contrast to the 567 doses reported when the program was revealed in september. under new york law minors did not have to receive permission to receive the contraception. they launched a monkey into orbit. guess who is next? president ahmadinejad wants to be the first human sent into place by iran.
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we will let you write the next one. dealing with iran and some of the other difficult members of the international community is now john kerry's job. the former spending his first workday as secretary of state. chief washington correspondent james rosen from the state department. (applause) >> greeted by hundreds of staffers and well wishers at the harry s. truman building john kerry began his tenure as the top diplomat as any polished public speaker would with a few jokes. >> after the last 8 years can a man actually run the state department? i have big heels to fill. >> over the weekend kerry called israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. >> i think what's important here is that there was a very early contact with both sides to express a commitment to continuing to support them and getting back to the table with each other. >> fox news learned kerry also
11:38 pm
made time on saturday for a secret trip to walter reed national military medical center where he visited some wounded in the benghazi attack. >> i don't want to go back and relitigate the events that took place. >> at his confirmation hearing kerry intim mated he regarded much of the discussions as politically motivated. in the opening remarks to the state department the secretary made that sentiment explicit. i know everybody here still mourns that loss. we will. so i pledge to you this. i will not let their patriotism their bravery be obscured politics. >> those comments and what they meant kerry's spokes american declined to elaborate. benghazi will be the focus of the hearing at the senate arms services committee where they will have outgoing chairman pineda and outgoing chief of staff. president obama on taxes. women in combat and gays in the
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oo if we are going to be serious about reducing our deficit can we have smart spending cuts, can we reform our healthcare programs in particular. we spend a lot more on healthcare than every other country does and we don't get better outcomes. can we close loopholes and deductions that folks who are well connected and have a lot of accountants and lawyers can take advantage of so they end up paying lower rates than bus driver or cop. >> president obama in his super bowl interview saying he wants more money from wealthy americans to help the government. i have juan williams columnist with the hill and charles krauthammer. the president says, charles, elimination of waste in washington and lower revenues. >> it's quite a concession. he says there's still some waste
11:44 pm
in government. they spend 3.6 trillion a year. i like the way he talks about cutting expenditures on medical expenses which is one of the great sources of our deficit. the fact is that 2300 pages of obama care there is nothing about what is probably the single greatest cause of inflation in medical costs in the u.s. the reason it is higher in this country the deep tort reform. we have an insane malpractice system that anybody in practice will tell you is devastating. one study in massachusetts show a quarter of all procedures referrals and tests are put in place not for medical reasons but out of the fear of being sued. it is a huge source of waste. there wasn't a word about it in the bill o'reilly bam ma passed. why? because their trial lawyers were big contributors to the democrats. if you wanted to start to cut
11:45 pm
that's where you could start. >> is the president going to get more money out of republicans in congress? >> i think if he is going to get it he has to get it now. the dow was up today it wasn't doing so great. the fact is near historical levels right now it has been a tremendous surge. i think the public opinion about the president his approval ratings are now ore 50 percent regularly. so he has political capital suspense to quote george w. bush after he was re-elected. this is the time. i think there's increasing argument that goes and the president put it in these terms in that interview that you have got to have smart cuts. you need to add revenues but you combine it with smart cuts because you want the economy to grow. growth is the key here. if you believe in cutting the budget that you would prompt growth that's one thing. that's an argument some republicans think. the wider argument the one i think has traction in the country you have to have some cuts but you have to make investments in terms of education, research
11:46 pm
infrastructure the like in order the' american economy to boom. >> that republican majority in the house is that going to be the fire wall against any increase in revenues here through closing loopholes or raising taxes again? >> i wouldn't count on it. republicans basically gave up on their last remaining principle which was tax cuts. they believe lower taxes spur growth. they don't believe that as much as they said they do. most republicans are looking at the president through the wrong lens. this is not an economic argument he is making. he doesn't have a deep crown in economics. this is about income equality. he reserved the most passionate remarks in the interview for the loopholes in the way rich people are sneaking out of paying their fair share. that is exactly what this is really about. the most amusing moment i thought in the whole thing is when he calls for reform in a way we spend money on healthcare. i refer you back to the speech
11:47 pm
of joint session of congress almost four years ago when he explained that exact idea as the justification for obama care. we already had that debate. >> this is basically concession that didn't work. >> the president talked in that interview about gays in the boy scouts. he has been debating on this issue now he is going it rapidly. this is what he said about whether or not to allow gays and lesbians. >> boy scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that will serve people for the rest of their lives. i think that nobody should be barred for that. >> nobody should be barred from that. charles do you agree? >> if he is expressing an opinion as a citizen that's okay. but one of the sacred things about american -- as our political system is we have a very strong independent civil society. that means that churches, associations, groups like the boy scouts are independent and
11:48 pm
they stand soas sort of a sourc of resistance between the citizen and state. and that ought to be left alone. the president ought not really be weighing in. you want to leave this let civil society work it out in ways that are not coercive. you want to express an opinion okay, but implying against the implications of the government or the law ought to step in i think is really against our way of -- our constitutional way. >> any problems with that? >> ass an individual people are concerns and anxieties about the idea of gay scout leaders and whether or not they would be promulgating gay sexual behavior among these young men. it is appropriate. this is what i didn't understand. seems to me that presidents of all eras have had to speak to moral issues in the country and especially when it comes to equal rights. that is how we make progress as an american. if you have a leader absent on
11:49 pm
the critical moral issues of the day it would be legitimate. >> it is a debate as juan said not whether to have gays but having gay leaders. thanks to president obama who cast it as a pure moral decision. if you are a big got you are against gay people you are against this. if you are for gay tepeople you are for it. who cares. weigh ought to have room in the society for groups like boy scouts to have an opinion they want on gays. >> tucker, in addition to which you have people inside who are pressuring saying they want opportunity to be in the scouts. >> $16 trillion in debt. the president is wasting time -- >> what's wrong with the president speak to go this critical issue. >> let the scouts work it out internally. it's beyond the moral issue. if you make it into a civil rights issue then you are
11:50 pm
inviting the law and coercion. that's a big problem. let the sil socieews -- civil society work it out on their own. they will. they always have. >> the president talks guns in one of the nation's big hunting state. we will be right back.
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>> everybody is listening to
11:53 pm
keep the pressure on your members of congress to do the right thing. ask them if they support common sensory forms like requiring universal background checks or restoring the ban on military style all the wssault weapons a capacity magazines. tell them there's no legislation to eliminate all guns. there's no legislation being proposed to support the second amendment. >> tpresident obama in minneapolis minnesota today urging voters to run around people like the nra and go straight to the members of congress they want gun control. out of the laundry list what do you think he will get done? >> i think anybody who knows anything about this laughs. no sane person believes that a universal registration which is in effect what this is, by the way, of the government making a list of any one who has a gun
11:54 pm
would prevent any one from getting a gun. there are 100 million high capacity magazines 40 in circulation for this country. someone needs to explain in clear language asking why asking permission to get a duck gun for my 16-year-old is a gun crime. instead it's going to abridge my second amendment right and effect the tradition of thousands and millions of american families have. it's so stupid it almost doesn't rise to the level of public policies. >> you appear to be a sane person. you appear universal background checks could in fact stop some of these shootings. >> i am stunned at tucker's ex ub rens in here. >> they don't want to get real. >> maybe it's your personal opinion but has no connection to political reality. political reality we had a fox poll, the poll is 91 percent. it's not like 50 percent.
11:55 pm
91 percent of americans say yes. >> it's reality. >> in fact we had the poll. let's put it up. >> it says right there not only that people buy ammunition 80 percent. this is a political reality. people in america are fed up with the extent of gun violence. today we had the situation in alabama witkid, the guy shot the bus driver. they shot a prosecutor. you are way out of touch with the reality of how much americans want something done. >> that's not a reality of what will end crime. the cities with the heist proportion of crime are also the city that is have the strictest gun control. explain that? >> because you have saturdays that lack gun control and people engaging in purchases and criminals taking advantage of it. >> charles, would universal background checks in any way prevent any of what we have soon so far?
11:56 pm
>> i think it is extremely unlikely. owe i am going to upset your assumptions. >> i am a guest. >> the only way you are going to make a difference is to do what australia did. you take away the existing guns. that is what tucker is talking about. that would never happen. >> it's not going to happen here. australia had 7 percent had guns. here the number is somewhere around 50 percent of households. we have a tradition and we have a second amendment you can't do it. but the fact is if you are thinking it will make a difference by some what slowing the increase number of guns there are 300 billion floating around in the country today. they are going to remain untouched because we have a second amendment. it will take 100 years to degrade that stockpile. that means it's not requestigoi
11:57 pm
have any effect on homicides. that was shown i am pircally by the fact that we passed a pretty quote-unquote assault weapons ban in the mid 90s it lasted a decade and had no discernible impact. >> i see at a town hall meeting that congressman paul brown had in the tenth district in georgia. it was in jackson. everybody wanted -- he was there to talk about spending deficit and debt. everybody wanted to talk about gun control. almost to a person everyone said the only reason why the government wants me to go through background checks is so they know what background i have and how many guns i have so they can take my guns. that's what the perception is. >> there's a lot of paranoia. the there is no such plot a foot from anybody involved. of course the president is out of touch with the sport with the family traditions.
11:58 pm
that's why the picture was posted. >> here's a simple solution. all gun control ought to apply to everybody that includes the body guards anybody who works for the department or agency. if you don't think i need this or that weapon to protect my family you don't need yours. i am saying all americans are worth the same. my family is eerie bit as valuable as anybody else's family when he works in congress or the branch. >> we have to leave it there. stay tuned. we are going to tell you what it takes to accurately predict the outcome of a football game. charles.
11:59 pm
>> john: finally tonight, the baltimore ravens narrow victory over the san francisco 49ers of the super bowl was a surprise to many but no surprise to our charles


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